Perceivance through virtual simulation

Pervisim is about visualization. It's about seeing both the big picture and the smallest detail. It's about backing that visualization with simulation, crunching the numbers, and validating results. It's about receiving the insight and inspiration to create, explore, and discover. We can help guide the way.

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latest news


12 March 2014
New website!

9 February 2014
WebGL terrain visualization

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our services

We offer the following services...

  • Consulting for 3D computer graphics
  • Prototyping of visualization applications
  • Analytical simulations and GPU processing
  • Full lifecycle software development

in development

Mask Generator
A WebGL based terrain analysis and visualization tool. Interactive and can produce 3D Acrobat PDF files. take a look...

SGI Flight Simulator
Remember this classic! Once playable only on SGI IRIX workstations, this networked enabled dogfighting game now can be enjoyed on Windows PC's. check it out...